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Every country and people has its culture and history and, whether we realize it or not, that culture and history affects everything about that country, from the people in it to their economy and politics.  It influences the products they create, the products they purchase, and, to some extent, the products they import and consume.

A region’s culture and history can have a profound impact on the production of a spirit.  For example, the production of Champagne is directly affected by the soil, climate, and terrain in which the grapes are grown (terroir), but also by the way the vintner handles the fruit to make the wine; the methods handed down from one generation to another to crush and press the grapes, preparing them for the first fermentation; the expert way in which the base wines are blended to create the “cuvee;” bottling for the second fermentation, and so on until the final result is achieved:  a beautiful Champagne possessing the perfect balance of acidity to sweetness, with a vivacious and enthusiastic effervescence.

So, too, is it with Mexico’s signature spirit, Tequila.  Hundreds of years of history and culture converge to produce this distilled agave sugar.  Generations of farmers, employing age-old methods handed down through their families, grow, tend, and cultivate the Agave Tequiliana Weber or Blue Agave, patiently waiting a decade or longer for the plant to mature and reach its peak sweetness.  Once the succulent piñas have been harvested, they are shipped to the producers who patiently and expertly cook and distill the agave to create the crisp, satisfying tequila expressions we have grown to love.  Once bottled in origin , each expression begins its journey to you for you to enjoy and share.

When you consume a bottle of tequila, you aren’t just enjoying an agave spirit; you are participating in the culture and history of Mexico.  As an active consumer participant, you are ensuring the continuation of a centuries old process; of the life of family farms growing blue agave using responsible farming methods to ensure the integrity and longevity of this emblematic plant of Mexico; of producers and distributors who employ hundreds of people; and helping to sustain both the local and national economies of Mexico, ensuring its rich cultural and historical traditions live on into the future.

Siembra Spirits is committed to doing its part to protect and preserve this way of life, this important tradition, for future generations.  By partnering with farmers, producers, and distributors who share our mission to preserve tradition and protect the future, we ensure that every bottle of Siembra Spirits carries us along on our journey to The Future of Tradition®

Won’t you join us?

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