The Denomination of Origin of Tequila protects the integrity of Mexico’s emblematic spirit by establishing the conditions and processes under which tequila can be made.  From the agave used, Agave Tequilana Weber, Blue Mayahuel, to where the agave is grown, to how it is distilled, it is the DOT that sets the standard for what can be considered tequila.

The Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) or Regulatory Council of Tequila is charged with protecting the DOT not only in Mexico, but throughout the world.  Its mission is to simultaneously enforce the regulations of the DOT while promoting the culture and quality of tequila.

In Mexico, the government sets the standards that regulate the processes used to make tequila.  As an independent governing body, the CRT acts to certify and verify the farmers who grow the agave and the distillers who produce the tequila.  In addition to initial certification and verification, the CRT follows up with the producers to ensure they remain in compliance with the standards set forth for tequila production.  It is this process of verification and certification that protects the integrity and authenticity of tequila.

This verification and certification is important to our mission to provide our consumers with total traceability and transparency on our portfolio of tequila expressions.  Siembra Spirits partners with farmers and producers who have achieved this verification and certification from the CRT.  We believe it is Your Right to Know not only where the raw materials come from and how they are distilled, but also that the spirit produced as met the standards of the DOT and the CRT.  You’ll find this information on every label of our Siembra Spirits tequilas.

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