• Celebrating A Los Jimadores

    Celebrating A Los Jimadores

    Behind the aromas and flavors lies the story of the true heroes of agave distilled spirits. As the first curator to embrace agave, los jimadores are the foundation of the farm-to-bottle process. Being skilled cultivators in the art, and with coa* in hand,  jimadores harvest the agaves for tequila production. But there is much more to them than meets the average consumer's eye.


  • On a Journey to The Future of Tradition

    On a Journey to The Future of Tradition

    Every country and people has its culture and history and, whether we realize it or not, that culture and history affects everything about that country, from the people in it to their economy and politics.  It influences the products they create, the products they purchase, and, to some extent, the products they import and consume.

  • CRT


    The Denomination of Origin of Tequila protects the integrity of Mexico’s emblematic spirit by establishing the conditions and processes under which tequila can be made.  From the agave used, Agave Tequilana Weber, Blue Mayahuel, to where the agave is grown, to how it is distilled, it is the DOT that sets the standard for what can be considered tequila.

  • Denominación de Origen – Protecting the Point of Origin

    Denominación de Origen – Protecting the Point of Origin

    Have you ever wondered why connoisseurs of certain products will only partake of those products if they come from one specific place?  What compels them to select a product from a certain region?  Is the location of origin for a product really important?

  • Denomination of Origin of Tequila

    Denomination of Origin of Tequila

    Did you know that more tequila is bottled inside the United States than is bottled in Mexico?  These are known as “Mixto” tequilas, which are the largest percentage of tequila produced.  It’s nearly impossible to verify and certify that these products comply with regulations when bottled outside the Denomination of Origin.

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